Nazrin Agharzayeva

A girl from the Caucasus mountains, a small country named Azerbaijan, obsessed with vintage pieces, alternative and indie rock music, throwbacks to the past and style icons.

I don’t blindly follow the trends just to be called “wearing last-minute-runway-pieces”. I adore that unique personal style standing behind of every individual, not only in fash-un, but also in lifestyle, mimics, emotions, the way one holds a cup of tea or carries a pair of sunglasses. Huge admirer of classic and timeless pieces mixed with comfort and personal touch. Prefer tea over coffee. Huge fan of mom jeans, pointed toe shoes, high-waist, statement outwear, blazer and sunglasses-addict and dainty jewelry.

I enjoy the sound of the summertime rain with a cup of hot tea in my hand, watching milk dissolving in hot chocolate. In love with Audrey Hepburn and everything that surrounds her.